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Certified Warranty

At Automotor10 all vehicles have a mileage guarantee and we certify all our vehicles at more than 100 checkpoints.
Garantía certificada

AUTOMOTOR10 is the division specialised in second-hand, pre-owned and Km0 vehicles of the ANGAL AUTOMOCIÓN GROUP, of which our dealers form part:

  • CADIMAR, Official Mercedes-Benz and Smart Dealer in the province of Cadiz.
  • DITRAM, Official Mercedes-Benz and Honda Dealer in the province of Lugo.
  • JADISA, Official Mercedes-Benz and Smart Dealer in the province of Jaén.
  • DITRAMOTOR, Official Hyundai Dealer in the province of Lugo.
  • JACARSA, Official Hyundai Dealer in the province of Jaén.
  • FEVIMAR, Official Opel Dealer in the province of Cadiz.
  • FERGIL, Official Nissan Dealer in the province of Lugo.
  • ANGALVI, Official Mercedes-Benz Industrial Dealer in the province of Cadiz, Malaga, Jaen and Pontevedra.

GRUPO ANGAL has more than forty-five years in the automotive sector, and is represented by 21 official dealers of 8 brands in the provinces of Cádiz, Jaén, Lugo, Málaga and Pontevedra.

AUTOMOTION 1 to 5 years warranty

Automotor 10, S.A. offers you a minimum warranty of 1 year for all our products.

At Automotor 10, S.A. we guarantee your vehicle as follows:

Guaranteed Kilometres: We verify that the kilometres shown are those covered by the vehicle.

Maintenance History: At Automotor 10, S.A we check the maintenance that has been carried out on the vehicle and we complete it with a total overhaul of the vehicle.

Personalised financing: We provide credit in less than 24 hours.

Our own workshops: We have our own workshops equipped with the latest technology to carry out exhaustive checks and maintenance of our vehicles.

15 Days Trial: If you wish, you can exchange your vehicle for another within 15 days or 1,000 kilometres.

We accept your car in exchange: We facilitate the exchange of your vehicle by valuing your current car and deducting it from the final price.

Forget the paperwork: We take care of all the formalities with the traffic authorities to transfer your vehicle safely and quickly.

Information Assurance

The information and statements on this Web Site do not represent any warranty, express or implied that may be implied. In particular, they do not represent any promise or implied warranty in relation to the characteristics or suitability of the vehicles for the specific needs of its Users. It may include errors or inaccuracies and is subject to change and manufacturing equipment.

Buy your car online and we deliver it to your home.

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You will have 15 days or 1,000 km to test it without obligation.

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